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Ferro’s high-purity ultramarine blue pigments are a top choice for many cosmetics applications. Available in standard and custom shades, they offer ease of dispersion in water-based, oil-based and pressed powder formulations, while providing superior acid resistance. Our inks, organic coatings, glass enamels and decoration colors are provided as both lead-containing and lead-free versions, which can be found in many global cosmetics packaging applications.
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Ferro’s Hydrocos high-quality water borne coatings are formulated for color decoration of packaging glass that meets the special requirements of the cosmetic industry. Free of heavy metals, Hydrocos o ...
Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
Pigment Blue 29 (C.I. 77007) is an Ultramarine Blue (Sodium Aluminum Sulfosilicate) with chemical formula Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2.