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Based in Spain, was integrated into Ferro Corporation as part of its Functional Coatings business in August 2017.

FERRO COVERLINK, SL. Is the new Brand given to Gardenia Quimica since November 2020. 

We started the business in 1995 with the development of additives and specialty chemicals for the ceramic industry and the construction sector. Furthermore, in 2020 we Celebrated our 25th Anniversary, and following the strategic transformation of the company, we started as FERRO COVERLINK, S.L. 

As part of the international Ferro Corporation, Ferro Coverlink, will continue with the production of excellent quality products for the building industry and a new product line of submicronic inks for digital printing on a wide range of industrial appliances. 

In its Construction Division, Coverlink manufactures a wide selection of eco-friendly, high quality products. Specially our Spray Cork coatings, that present a great potential for use in all construction sectors, residential, commercial and industrial, for walls, roofs and all surfaces, providing a perfect coverage for use both indoors and outdoors. 

  • Spray Cork Coatings _ ISOLATE.  
    A new range of Spray Cork coatings, that offer an exciting potential for the building industry with its properties of thermal insulation, waterproofing and fire resistance (Euroclass Bs2d0). As well as its natural flexibility and durability, cork is an extraordinary versatile material, which is 100% natural, recyclable and renewable. 

  • Waterproofing products. Polyurethane waterproofing membranes with high properties for all building sectors. 

  • Microcements. With excellent range of metallic and oxide effects. Providing a perfect decorative effect for the most exigent designers and architectural purposes.  

In its Inkjet Division, Coverlink offers a brand-new line of submicronic pigmented inks for digital printing. This leading technology allows the decoration with a photographic rendering of multiple substrates, cement, fibrocement, FRP, PU, PVC, LVT, polyester resins, enameled metal surfaces, etc.  Based on inorganic pigments, this new set of products is a revolution into the world of decorating outdoor materials.

We are currently undertaking a very important international expansion with our Spray Cork coatings, waterproofing products and the new line of Digital Inks, opening new markets worldwide. 

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