Ferro celebrates 100 years!

We’re honored to share the story of our first century and recognizes the generations of professionals who have worked to drive our long-lived success and growth. We’re proud of our collective achievements and excited about what the coming years will bring.

A company is founded, an industry is born

Ferro got its start as the Ferro Enameling Company which was  incorporated in October 1919 in the same place it is headquartered today: Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

While Ferro first focused on manufacturing and applying porcelain enamel finish to customers’ products, its founder, chemist Harry D. Cushman’s goal was to provide a strong technical foundation for producing quality frits, which helped transform the ancient art of porcelain enameling into a modern industry. At the same time, Bob Weaver formed the Ferro Enamel & Supply Co., to sell frits and service products manufactured by Cushman’s organization.

Quality and education initiatives that stand the test of time.
Cushman consistently applied process and quality testing and controls, and in 1921, Ferro adopted a “Check-Mark-Within-a-Circle” insignia. An updated version of this remains Ferro’s trademark today.

From its earliest days, Ferro focused on helping customers improve their application of its products. In 1923, Bob Weaver launched The Enamelist, the first porcelain enamel industry magazine. It later grew into a well-regarded international journal.

Fast growth fueled by time

Ferro set an early course for international growth, opening its first non-US subsidiary in Canada in 1927. Today Ferro has operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, the company added new product lines such as inorganic pigments for colorful porcelain enamel products, and inorganic color pigments for ceramics and plastics. In the late 1940s it introduced frits, colors and coatings for appliances, wall and floor tile, sanitaryware and dinnerware.

Diversification shapes the Ferro of today

To drive future growth, Ferro began to expand into new markets and regions. Reflecting its diversified goals, the company name was changed to the Ferro Corporation in 1951. Today Ferro supplies innovative materials to manufacturers in a wide variety of markets – and is considered a leader in numerous segments.

The not-so-secret sauce: Innovation

Innovation is the common thread through Ferro’s evolution into the functional coatings and color solutions company that it is today. Its core technologies of formulation, particle engineering, glass science, color science, surface application, and digital inks are the essential building blocks that enable the dynamic innovation and manufacturing optimization that has sustained the company for 100 years.

What’s next?

Ferro has always been at the forefront of technology changes. Entering its second century, Ferro is leveraging its technology capabilities and aligning its innovation efforts with megatrends such as intelligent automation, 5G, smart cars and LED, which will drive Ferro and its customers to succeed and grow in the years ahead.


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