11-12 May 2022 Frankfurt


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Join us at the international conference and exhibition for the masterbatch industry. 

Once more, Ferro will participate in this year’s Masterbatch Europe, 11-12 May 2022 Frankfurt, Germany.

We are proud to announce that Dani Lladó, Market Segment Manager Plastics, will give a lecture titled “ Leveraging pigments’ NIR reflecting properties to overcome the challenge of sorting recyclable black plastics “ on the 12th of May from 12:10 to 12:40. 

We are excited to discuss the latest trends and developments for additives and pigments, to give you ideas on how to add value to your products or develop new ones and to meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective way.

Ferro will be the sponsor for the Registration and Welcome Cocktail Reception and will be located at stand #16 where our Global Marketing Manager, Alex Capuz is going to be available for any questions or information about our products and novelties.


Initiatives by global leading brands and governments that aim at boosting sustainability and keeping plastic within a circular economy and out of the environment are the driving forces behind the industry’s development of optimal solutions to boost sorting systems and recyclability processes.

Modern plastic recycling operations leverage high-tech processing equipment to move material at high speed with massive sorting capabilities to create the purest, least contaminated streams utilizing NIR (near infrared) signature, either in transmission or reflection.

Plastic recyclers face the challenge of accurately sorting black plastics, which are typically colored with carbon black colorants that do not reflect well in NIR sorting devices. Black polymers colored with carbon black absorb light emitted from the NIR spectrum and cannot be identified and sorted by this method, adding to the leftover stream of unsorted materials that end up in landfills.

Replacing carbon black to color food packaging with NIR reflecting pigment-based solutions that also provide the right shade and opacity whilst being approved by FDA 21 CRF 178.3297 and complying with the requirements established by EU 10/2011 regarding plastic packaging in contact with food is a major challenge for the pigments and color concentrates industry.

This paper reviews the most suitable pigment-based solutions available in the market to accomplish that goal.


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